Mobile Personal
Emergency Response device

Safety for all

eNest is a mobile personal emergency response device that also tracks the user at all times, and should the user be experiencing an emergency situation, he or she can call for assistance quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, the eNest features proactive alarms that will issue an alarm in certain emergency situations when the user is unable to do so, such as after a fall or accident.

Safety for all

All you need to be safe ...

enest Located at all times. Located at all times.
At home
and away.
enest with a simple Help with a simple
press of a
take care of you and Just let the eNest
take care of you and
ask for help when
you most need it.

Pocket Size

Small, lightweight and practical. The eNest has been designed in detail for a daily use. The device can be worn clipped on, in the pocket of your jacket, or in your hand bag, barely noticeable yet always accessible.

enest Pocket Size

Ready to help you



The eNest device is compatible with several emergency response centres and emergency services that can help you in critical situations.

At home

The eNest platform will show the exact position of the alarms real time. It also allows you to configure the eNest to meet your exact needs.

Family and Friends

At any moment your family and friends will know your location through SMS or email in case of an emergency.


Features enest

Fall Detection

The eNest will detect any accidental fall or impact, and will send an alarm signal to the control platform so urgent assistance can be arranged.

Talk and Listen

If an alert of any kind is received, a communication window can be opened from the emergency response centre to communicate directly with the user.

Localisation and tracking

The eNest features GPS and WiFi, so that the user can be located at any time, indoors and outdoors.

Safe Zones

The eNest device has the option of defining a restrictive geographical area either full-time or for certain time periods. Each time the device enters or leaves this area, the system will send an alert.

Emergency Response Specialist

Optionally, the user will have direct access to an Emergency Response Centre 24 hours a day during all days of the year, where a specialist will provide the required assistance immediately when the panic button is pressed.


The eNest is the only device featuring a synchronised wristband that will facilitate sending an alert in case of an emergency situation while enabling access to assistance during any situation.

enest wristband
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