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    Can I connect my eNest device right away?

    Once you have purchased an eNest device, just make sure there is a valid SIM card inside (voice and data), access the platform, and register the device, or simply ask the vendor to do it for you. Once you have registered and configured the device based on your preferences, your eNest will be ready for use.

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    Can I link several wristbands to one device?

    You can link as many wristbands as you want to your eNest device. However, take into account that only one of them can be active at any time. If you try linking a new wristband while the previous one is still linked, the connection will fail.

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    How can I set a specific geographical area for my eNest device?

    You will find all these details related to your device’s configuration on the user platform. It is a simple and intuitive application, which you will find quite easy to use.

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    I’ve noticed that the eNest device works with a SIM card; can I make phone calls with it?

    The eNest device is not a phone, and must not be used as one. The SIM card is needed for accessing GSM and GPRS technology, to ensure that the required communications can be achieved. However, standard phone calls cannot be made from the device. When the emergency alarm has been activated, the eNest can receive incoming calls from the Emergency Response Centre or the user’s relatives and/or caretakers.

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